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Learn how your professional experience can enable and empower students in the developing world.

The PR Trust promotes the value of communications for social and economic development by supporting learning opportunities around the world.

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“An angry peacemaker cannot make peace.” Erica Ford @LIFECampInc This message resonates as deep truth to me. Thanks for tweeting @pastormykmac

What can #publicrelations learn from #BlackHistoryMonth?

“An angry peacemaker cannot make peace.”

Interview with Erica Ford of @LIFECampInc
on the transformative power of communicating (with) peace:


Alnoor Ladha, media strategist, civil society advocate and grassroots community builder with @therulesorg, joins PR Trust Advisory Council -

#compassionatecomms #theprtrust #publicrelations #civilsociety #climatechange #inequality

How can #publicrelations learn from #BlackHistoryMonth?

Check this interview with Don Samuels, CEO of @MicroGrantsMpls and co-founder of @NAZMpls, providing microloans & college pathways for “people of potential” in the Minneapolis region.

You can only win by creating value for others - says @BahalMadan at #ManifestRetreat

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