Paul Cheal
The FCF welcomes Paul Cheal, founder of Australia's 3cPR and host of the Smoke Signal podcast, to the PR Trust Advisory Council.
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2022 FCF Canadian Scholarships
The FCF has launched four national scholarships addressing climate science, democracy, and indigeneity for senior Canadian university students in Communications and related fields.
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2022 SPRG FCF Scholarship
In partnership with the FCF, SPRG has launched an annual scholarship at US$2500 for senior undergraduates in the School of Communications and Journalism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).
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FCF Press
We are pleased to see the global communications and public relations media report upon the FCF Scholarship launch!
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FCF Launch
The PR Trust launches the Future Communicators Foundation with
US$ 150, 000 in donations for
worldwide scholarships — focused
around communicating issues in
social justice and sustainability.
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Richard Tsang
Our third podcast welcomes Richard Tsang, Chair of SPRG Asia, as we discuss broadcasting, investor relations, and changing beliefs.
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Helen Shelton
What Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion really means in practice—plus why it is better for business.
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