The PR Trust 2021 Impact Awards

The PR Trust Impact Awards is a new initiative that recognises innovative young professionals around the world for their efforts in designing and delivering a socially beneficial outreach campaign. The Awards support aspiring young professionals by funding low-resource, wide-reach communications initiatives that benefit local communities.

Our 2021 Program is focused around the topic of health communications. With a global pandemic, it has become crucial in all regions to communicate accurate health information in ways that attract, and hold, the attention of the public, particularly youth.

Submissions are currently closed. The Awards launch dates will be announced Summer 2021. See below for partnership and program information.

Seeking Regional Partnerships: Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe

We are seeking pro bono partners in the regions of Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe to help promote and deliver The PR Trust Impact Award program in 2021. The PR Trust Impact Awards provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your agency’s dedication to social responsibility by aligning your agency with an awards program benefiting local students in communications and public relations. This is also an opportunity to partner with The PR Trust as we develop long term outreach efforts in communications. Contact us if you would like to know more about partnering with PR Trust.

2021 Impact Award Program

The PR Trust Impact Award in Innovative Health Communications is currently under development in several regions worldwide.  The Award helps fund a small-scale communications project by a senior undergraduate student aimed at addressing health communications in their community.

Once applications are open, applicants will be required to submit a short proposal for a project that demonstrates innovative measures in health communications around any topic, including community outreach around COVID-19, but also other social health campaigns, including vaccination, sustainability, and cleanliness. The funds are for developing, producing, and launching a targeted campaign on a small scale, with up to 75% of funds for material costs, and the remainder to support personal development and labour. Applicants may base their proposal upon existing projects. Examples of campaigns include:

  • hashtags, jingles, and memes with potential reach
  • character and story creation producing narrative engagement
  • fiction or nonfiction podcasts, radio, and streaming video
  • interactive graphics, anime, and animation for digital media
  • visual design, comics, and infoposters for print
  • coordinated campaigns for social media (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)


Award amounts will be between $500–1,500 ea. depending on project scope, scaled to regional cost of living.

Awards will be distributed on a select regional basis by The PR Trust.


Submissions are open to any applicant in the select region between the ages of 18 and 25 who are enrolled in higher education.

Successful applicants will demonstrate a creative and unique approach to a small-scale health communications campaign using readily-available tools. These can include social media and digital delivery, but also paper trail technologies such as posters, stickers, and flyers (that can tie in to digital campaigns with hashtags).

We encourage low-resource Do-It-Yourself (DiY) approaches that think carefully about messaging, placement, and exposure, and that utilise community-specific avenues of visibility.

While some applicants may be thinking in terms of social media (including video, photography, animated GIFs, viral hashtags, and other influencer tactics), others might want to consider alternative methods including photocopying, ‘zines, storytelling, oral traditions, postering, puppetry, and children’s games. Messaging can embrace all aspects of emotional connection to impact target audiences, including humour (word plays, jokes), and/or focus on social, health, and moral outcomes of social participation in health initiatives.

We recognise the difficulty of using public space during the Covid-19 pandemic. Campaigns may specifically target at-home individuals, and/or focus on how people are socializing, exercising, and travelling during these times.

We do not expect applicants to purchase commercial advertising. Instead, we are interested in innovative means of messaging that reach-out to relevant and local community partners, such as social aid organisations, student radio, ‘zines, blogs, social media influencers, musicians, artists, podcasts, channels, and other creatives.

We encourage applicants to think beyond these suggestions and to make an IMPACT campaign that speaks to their local conditions, culture, and style.

Submission Languages

Submissions must be in English. Campaigns can be conducted in any language. In the application, translations should be provided for any non-English campaign content (text, slogans, hashtags).

Watch this space for more information.

Communications is sharing knowledge, promoting transparency, stimulating dialogue, encouraging feedback and measuring success.

Whether we are engaged in preventing disease or promoting job creation, we need to be effective communicators. The PR Trust facilitates access to communications training and tools for young professionals.

Allard W. van Veen, Founder of The PR Trust