Mission Statement of The PR Trust

Communication creates the conditions for, and drives, social change in health care, economic development, environmental responsibility, responsible government and all human activities affecting world communities.

Allard W. van Veen, Founder of The PR Trust

Founded in 2014, The PR Trust promotes the value of compassionate communications by supporting learning and professionalization opportunities around the world. The PR Trust believes that professional communications — trusting, transparent, and compassionate — are at the core of developing a robust civil society.

We provide aspiring professionals with learning opportunities through outreach programs that emphasise the role of communications in education, health, and civil society. The PR Trust offers learning opportunities, exposure to applied communications skills, and assistance with entering the communications profession.

The PR Trust is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. The Governors of the PR Trust are its Founder and Chair Allard W. van Veen (Canada), Richard Tsang (Hong Kong), Andreas Fischer-Appelt (Germany) and Madan Bahal (India). The Executive Director of The PR Trust is tobias c. van Veen (Canada).

The PR Trust® is a Registered Trademark.

Founding Beliefs of The PR Trust

  • Communication is a key aspect of personal and community development.
  • Trust is the foundation for effective, transparent and ethical communication.
  • Education enhances communication skills that better global civil society.
  • Partnerships are efficient platforms to scale opportunities rapidly.
  • Dialogue develops opportunities and builds bridges between nations and cultures.
  • Leadership builds a reliable and independent voice for the communications industry.
  • Shared resources enhance global communications and their benefits.
  • Excellence deserves to be recognized.

Goals of the PR Trust

  • Build bridges by linking individuals, organizations, educational institutions, and professional associations in the communications profession.
  • Support communications in the developing world through learning opportunities and education outreach.
  • Recognize new leaders through PR Trust award programs and mentor opportunities.
  • Connect institutional to applied learning by creating networking and experiential opportunities.
  • Be a trusted source for global opportunities in communications educational and professional development.

Communications is sharing knowledge, promoting transparency, stimulating dialogue, encouraging feedback and measuring success.

Whether we are engaged in preventing disease or promoting job creation, we need to be effective communicators. The PR Trust facilitates access to communications training and tools for young professionals in developing countries.

Allard W. van Veen, Founder of The PR Trust