Alise Sloan wins the 2023 FINN Partners FCF Scholarship

(Canada, 27th July, 2023)FINN Partners and the Future Communicators Foundation (FCF) are pleased to award Alise Sloan with the FINN Partners FCF Scholarship in Public Relations and Journalism at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU). Thanks to the financial support of FINN Partners, the USD $2500 FCF Scholarship is awarded annually to a senior undergraduate in Public Relations and Journalism at FAMU.

The FCF FINN Partners Scholarship fosters student research into communicating solutions and awareness around climate justice. Students are required to create a mock-campaign detailing how they would address local themes of sustainability. Scholarship winners receive a mentor meeting with Peter Finn, CEO and Founding Managing Partner of FINN Partners, and Helen Shelton, Global Chief Diversity Officer at FINN, along with competitive opportunities for future internships at FINN.

Alise Sloan, 2023 FINN Partners FCF Winner

Alise Sloan: #LoveEarth

Alise Sloan won for her Love Earth Campaign, which educates the public about the dangers of plastic pollution in Florida while addressing the environmental deprivation that impacts the most vulnerable communities. Sloan’s proposed #LoveEarth social media challenge seeks to “inspire businesses and government officials to create regulations for more biodegradable plastics, expand plastic waste monitoring, look into its health impacts, and provide more investment in waste management,” particularly in lower income areas.

“I’m incredibly thankful to receive this award,” says Alise Sloan. “Creating my #LoveEarth campaign for the FCF FINN Partners Scholarship opened my eyes to the inequality that takes place around environmental efforts in lower class neighborhoods, and helped me discover how I can contribute to my community. Additionally, the FINN Partners FCF Scholarship provides me with the financial security to focus more on my education instead of working extra hours.”

“FINN Partners is wholly committed to providing opportunities for students to advance their academic and professional development,” says Helen Shelton. “We are absolutely delighted to bestow this scholarship on Alise Sloan and to add Florida A&M to the distinguished roster of HBCUs and other MSIs that comprise our FINN D+I Award program.”

About FINN Partners

Founded in 2011 on the core principles of innovation and collaborative partnership, FINN Partners has grown from about $24 million in fees to almost $200 million in fees during the past 10 years, becoming one of the fastest-growing independent public relations agencies in the world and recognized as a PRovoke Media 2022 Agency of the Year. The full-service marketing and communications company’s record-setting pace results from organic growth and integrating new companies and new people into the FINN world through a common philosophy. With more than 1,400 professionals across 33 offices, FINN provides clients with global access and capabilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In addition, FINN provides its clients with access to top-tier agencies worldwide through its membership in the global network PROI.

About the FCF

The Future Communicators Foundation (FCF) provides aspiring young professionals with scholarships, learning opportunities, and outreach programs that foster communication skills around climate science, social justice, and sustainability. The FCF’s education outreach benefits local agencies who are in need of top-tier talent attuned to today’s global challenges. The FCF is an initiative of The PR Trust, a 501(c)(6) non-profit organisation that provides knowledge and networking opportunities, student scholarships and awards programs that elevate and empower aspiring professionals and young leaders in communications. Learn more at: |


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