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tobias c. van Veen, Ph.D

Managing Director, Future Communicators Foundation (FCF)
Whistler, Canada | @fugitivephilo

tobias c. van Veen, Ph.D, is an award-winning media creative and global communications consultant with over twenty-five years experience in higher education, technology arts, and the digital humanities. He has spearheaded initiatives in digital communications, including open access publishing and the mobile commons, and is known for developing creative partnerships between academic, cultural and industry sectors. Tobias was previously founding director of global technology arts network UpgradeMTL at the Society for Art and Technology (SAT); director of the Sonic Scene Project at the Mobile Digital Commons Network, a multi-university and tech industry partnership sponsored by Canada Heritage; and has held various executive positions with CiTR 101.9FM, UBC’s campus and community radio. Tobias holds doctorates in Philosophy and Communication Studies from McGill University, and currently serves on the Board for Garden City Electronic Music Society (GCEMS).