Parvathy Manoj and Utsav Maurya awarded the Adfactors PR FCF Scholarship at World PR Forum

(Mumbai, India, 13th October 2023)Adfactors PR and the Future Communicators Foundation (FCF) are pleased to award Parvathy Manoj and Utsav Maurya with the Adfactors PR Future Communicators Foundation Scholarship at the School of Communications & Reputation (SCoRe), India. Thanks to the financial support of Adfactors PR, the full-tuition award is granted annually to two students enrolled at SCoRe who receive top-rankings in the FCF Scholarship competition. The two inaugural FCF Scholarships were awarded at the World Public Relations Forum (WPRF), which met this year as part of the Public Relations and Corporate Communications India Summit (PRAXIS), in Chennai, India, on September 23rd.

Nikhil Dey, Executive Director at Adfactors PR, awards Utsav Maurya (l) and Parvathy Manoj (r) the inaugural Adfactors PR Future Communicators Foundation Scholarship.

The theme of the 2023 Scholarship was “Sustainability Communication — Addressing the Challenges.” Students were asked to create a brief for a mock campaign emphasising communication strategies that address the Waste management issue in India. The aim of the FCF Scholarship is to think creatively about sustainability as an environmental issue of major concern.

“At SCoRe, we work ceaselessly with the global PR community to create the ideal environment where future PR leaders are born. I am grateful that Adfactors PR and the Future Communicators Foundation have supported us so immensely in this endeavour. Parvathy Manoj and Utsav Maurya of our Class of 2024 are both deserving recipients of these scholarships. They have demonstrated an extraordinary grasp of sustainability principles and commitment to the profession in general. I am particularly grateful to Madan Bahal for his unequivocal and inspiring commitment towards learning and development, and the upliftment of public relations professionals,” said Hemant Gaule, Dean of the School of Communications & Reputation (SCoRe).

“Congratulations to our inaugural FCF Scholarship winners! We are proud as a market-leading firm to support the learning and development of PR professionals,“ said Adfactors PR Co-Founder and Managing Director Madan Bahal. “Sustainability principles are the foundation of sustainable business and an integral part of corporate reputation. Our scholarships in partnership with The PR Trust and SCoRe are a small step in this direction.”

“I am very grateful and honoured for being one of the recipients of the Adfactors PR Future Communicators Foundation Scholarship,” said Parvathy Manoj. “I believe that this scholarship not only recognizes talent but also bestows us with responsibilities to carry forward the legacy and give back to the industry in the best way.”

“Being a recipient of the Adfactors PR FCF Scholarship fills me with immense pride and happiness,” said Utsav Maurya. “I’ve always believed that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. As an aspiring professional, I keep my eyes open to continuous learning, recognizing that it shapes not just my future but also the quality of my present.”

“Congratulations to our award winners, who created truly innovative and informative sustainability campaigns,” added Allard W. van Veen, Founder of The PR Trust, the 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that administers the Future Communicators Foundation. “I firmly believe that up-and-coming PR professionals can play a prominent role in promoting sustainability. We hope that the Scholarship will help to develop students’ social conscience and encourage them to make an impact, in terms of promoting a fair and sustainable world.”

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