Charlie Chun and Jen Lam win the 2023 SPRG FCF Scholarship in the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

(Hong Kong, 18 December 2023) – Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) and the Future Communicators Foundation (FCF) are proud to announce Charlie Chun and Jen Lam as the team winners of the SPRG Future Communicators Foundation Scholarship for 2023. SPRG sponsors a yearly HK$20,000 Scholarship for senior undergraduates enrolled in the School of Journalism and Communication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Along with the reward, the Scholarship winners receive a one-hour mentor meeting with a senior executive at SPRG and future opportunities with FCF international programs.

The SPRG FCF Scholarship is focused around a yearly theme addressing PR strategies for sustainability and social justice, with the 2023 theme focusing on promoting the “Sustainable City” to the citizens of Hong Kong. Students are tasked with designing an inventive communications campaign that promotes the “Sustainable City” while considering how to do so using low-cost and limited means.

Charlie Chun (left) and Jen Lam (right)

Charlie Chun and Jen Lam won for their  “Green is the New Red” proposal, which “encourages the public to adopt sustainable habits during festive occasions and apply them in their everyday lives.” The campaign brief advocates for giving “electronic red packets” during the Lunar New Year festivities, offering an alternative to paper consumption and a shift to digital means of expressing warmth and blessings. The campaign also calls for workshops that would encourage sustainable behaviours, including reusable cookware; repurposing food waste into cleaning detergent; gathering food donations for charities using mobile collection points; and repurposing old flowers into fragrances, petal dressings, and wreaths.

“The SPRG FCF Scholarship serves an excellent opportunity for students to apply their hard-earned communication skills and knowledge, combined with their passion, enthusiasm and innovative spirit to develop a campaign that advances the environment, public health and social justice,” said Richard Tsang, Chairman of SPRG. “Moreover, we trust that the programme will benefit the community since stakeholders can draw inspiration from the students, who are providing fresh perspectives on building a sustainable future for all of society.”

“Sustainability is one of the most pressing topics in today’s society,” added Allard W. van Veen, Founder of The PR Trust, the 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that administers the Future Communicators Foundation. “I firmly believe that PR professionals can play a more prominent role in promoting sustainability. We hope that the scholarship will help to develop students’ social conscience and encourage them to make an impact, in terms of promoting a fair and sustainable world.”

“We totally agree with FCF about PR professionals’ ability to be at the forefront of building a better and sustainable tomorrow. We therefore have high expectations for our scholarship applicants, and trust that they will present some inspiring ideas on addressing social issues,” said Prof. Donna Chu, Director, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK.


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