The PR Trust Launches Open Call for Communications Mentors

Are you an experienced and passionate communications professional?

Would you like to learn how your professional experience can enable and empower students in the developing world?

NEW YORK: The PR Trust is seeking experienced industry professionals for its Mentor Program in Global Communications. The program is innovative for its global reach and international scope that connects established industry mentors in communications with up-and-coming talent in developing regions.

“The program represents a unique opportunity to develop international relationships with young professionals in emerging markets,” says Allard W. van Veen (Canada), Founder of The PR Trust.

The first phase of the program launches in Ghana and Egypt in 2019, partnering with national-level communications agencies and university programs. The PR Trust’s Ghana Representative is Baaba Cofie, Founding Partner of Mahogany Consult in Accra, and the Egypt Representative is Rania Azab, Group CEO of 4PR Group in Cairo.

“The program will be as much a learning opportunity for communications mentors as much as it will be for up-and-coming professionals from the developing world,” adds tobias c. van Veen, Executive Director of The PR Trust.

The PR Trust’s global mentorship program seeks to establish global ties that further civil society and cultural compassion. “The PR Trust seeks mentors who care for their community and the growth of civil society,” says tobias c. van Veen.

The Mentor Program in Global Communications is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline who wish to pursue communications and public relations as a career. Partner universities in Ghana and Egypt will be announced in 2019.

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