Become a Mentor

The PR Trust Mentor Program in Global Communications cultivates tomorrow’s communications leaders today by facilitating personal and professional growth through relationship building with experienced industry mentors.

The PR Trust provides a supportive, online mentorship program with experienced, top-level communications professionals from around the world. The Mentor Program in Global Communications is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline who wish to pursue communications and public relations as a career.

Are you a professional in communications and public relations?

Mentors help to create an environment to build personal and professional confidence through one-on-one dialogue.

Would you like to learn how your professional experience can enable and empower students in the developing world?

The PR Trust seeks Mentors who care for their community and the growth of civil society.

The PR Trust seeks mentors for its Mentor Program in Global Communications.

We seek Mentors with motivation, experience, and passion.

For more information, please download the brochure:

Benefits of the Program

  • Develop a global relationship with up-and-coming communications and public relations talent in the developing world;
  • Learn from local experience and gain insight through listening;
  • Apply your experience to encourage your mentee — and the growth of civil society.

Aims of the Program

  • Cultivate tomorrow’s communications leaders in the developing world by facilitating personal and professional growth;
  • Encourage the role of the communications profession in problem-solving education, health, and civil society issues in the developing world;
  • Better communications between cultures and nations by creating personal and professional relationships.

Program Details

  • Length: Three months
  • Eligibility: Senior undergraduates and Masters students
  • Languages: English and French

How to Get Involved

Express your interest by sending us:

  • a short, professional CV;
  • a brief, one-to-two page expression of interest and/or video presentation (see below).

Email submissions to: applications @ theprtrust . org

Expression of Interest

Please submit a brief, one-to-two page expression of interest (12 point font, double-spaced) describing why you are interested in becoming a Mentor; or provide a brief, one-page expression of interest with a video submission (maximum four minutes; hosted on a streaming website).


  • Minimum 5–7 years experience in communications or public relations agencies, corporations, non-profits, service organisations, or civil society;
  • You have the passion, commitment, and interest in mentoring students from the developing world;
  • You are dedicated to becoming part of a global team;
  • You are comfortable with sharing your professional experiences, including obstacles and inspirations;
  • You enjoy conversation, and exhibit warmth and patience with establishing a human connection over video and telephone conferencing;
  • You are open to cultural differences and nonjudgemental modes of listening, learning, and encouragement.